Bicycle Luxury Keys Playing Card Deck

***Kickstarter Deck***

***Limited Edition***


Welcome to the very first deck by Almenvi Playing Cards. A new design dressed in deep red with a touch of gold.



Legend has it that the rulers of four great neighboring kingdoms collected their taxes and kept them in a locked chest. To avoid looting, a sorcerer cast a spell on its lock and only three people from each kingdom, the king (K), the queen (Q) and the knight (J), were able to open that chest with magic keys created by the best goldsmiths.



Inspired by the legend of the magic chest, the Luxury Keys deck reinterprets the Bicycle classic with an elegant and luxurious aspect full of exclusive details.



The aces show the keys of the four kingdoms, forged in indestructible steel, but decorated by the most delicate hands to create high jewelry work with a golden and shiny finish.



The court cards have a classic style and a traditional scheme, but completely renewed, showing the protagonists of our history with their keys in hand.



The numbered cards have been completely customized. Each pip has been redesigned with a touch of elegance but keeping a perfectly recognizable aspect that guarantees playability and usability in card magic effects.



The two jokers in the deck are different and play around with the story to reveal the coveted chest content. However, the hidden treasure are not coins or jewels, but a fantastic card revelation that will delight card magicians.



The back shows us the haunted keyhole in a highly ornate and subtly asymmetrical design, another powerful tool for magic.



The tuck case is a blend of elegance and luxury with a mysterious atmosphere in a color combination where red and gold stand out. Having magicians in mind again, like in other places in this unique deck, the flap includes a card reveal.


Bicycle Luxury Keys Features:

  • Full custom Bicycle branded deck printed by the USPCC
  • Air cushion Bicycle paper with Magic finish
  • 56 cards + 2 jokers
  • Magic reveals in jokers and tuck case
  • Includes a gaff card: blank face / back

Bicycle Luxury Keys Playing Card Kickstarter Deck

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