CARDISTRY Switch USPCC Playing Cards Deck

***Limited Edition***


Cardistry Switch is a ground-breaking deck built for Cardistry and fanning! It also shares the same back design as WTF2, giving you flexibility to make miracles happen! 

Cardistry Switch has De'vo's signature twin tip mirror back design AND his "switch" pip faces, meaning that you can Switch the face cards from black/red pips to blue/white pips AND shuffle them normally without mixing up the cards! This time we changed BOTH pip colors so that the two fans are completely different from each other, almost looking like two different decks! 

Doing card manipulation with this deck will be stunning! The back designs will also change depending on how you fan them! There is nothing else in the world like this deck! 


  • Artwork by Jay Peteranetz and De'vo vom Schattenreich.
  • 2018 Release

CARDISTRY Switch USPCC Playing Cards Deck

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