CASTLE BACK (Royal Wilderness) Bicycle Playing Cards Deck

***Hard to Find***


The Castle Back Deck

  • 56 cards including the standard 52, 2 Jokers, and 2 Gaff cards
  • Unique Court and Joker cards, with Castle Backs
  • Printed on Bicycle grade paper with embossed finish
  • Bicycle branded custom tuck case and seal


The Back

This design is something I came up with at about 2am one night while trying to come up with something timeless and traditional, but unique.  That's the story of any designer, right?  My main inspiration came from the classic Bicycle Rider Back.  The 2 main circles, and the larger connecting circle really caught my attention.  Then I thought a bit on what was on the other side... Royalty.  Royalty belongs in a castle.


The Gaffs

For all you Tricksters out there, I'm thinking of 2 straight forward gaff cards.  If you have ideas for something better, let me know, but for now:

  • Blank face card
  • Double backed card


This is a set of Playing Cards showing four animal factions, personified as the Court of each Suit.  I had the pleasure of working with some talented artists.  Anita Birgány handled the wildlife, and Eleanor Lutz gave them some shelter with the card backing.  Hopefully you'll agree that we've created something special, here.

Note: pledges show 'Westeros' Wildlife'... Same thing, only one deck of cards up for grabs here.


  • Diamonds - Lions
  • Clubs - Dragons
  • Hearts - Deer
  • Spades - Wolves



CASTLE BACK Bicycle Playing Cards Deck

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