Cohort Ghost Playing Cards by Ellusionist


The massively popular Cohorts Marked Playing Cards are back in a stunning new Ghost White color!

Turn your everyday carry deck of cards into a powerful weapon with the simple, yet gorgeous, vintage casino-style Cohorts Ghost Playing Cards.


From the classic back design to the familiar faces, these premium playing cards were designed to avoid suspicion. Yet, hidden within in the intricate back design is a powerful secret that can be lethal in the hands of any card magician.


Cohorts Ghost Marked Playing Cards use a remarkable marking system that, despite being unbelievably easy for magicians and mentalists to read, is completely imperceptible to the untrained eye. You'll be able to identify any playing card instantly. As if that wasn't enough, each 56-card deck also includes 2 jokers, a double backer and duplicate Queen of Spades for extra card magic potential.


Manufactured on Cartamundi's amazing new Luxury Pressed E7 stock, this crushed stock deck is quite possibly the most amazing deck of cards you've ever felt.


They say seeing is believing. But, with Cohorts Ghost Marked Playing Cards, feeling is believing.

Cohort Ghost Playing Cards by Ellusionist

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