Distilled TOP SHELF Bicycle Playing Cards Deck

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The Bicycle Distilled Series

Distilled spirits have been enjoyed around the world throughout most of human history. The Bicycle Distilled Playing Card series are beautifully crafted decks that honors the age-old art of producing hard liquor. These decks are designed and produced by The Well Suited Playing Card Company. The cards are printed on high-quality Bicycle Classic Grade card stock by The United States Playing Card Company, featuring their famous Air-Cushion finish. There will be 3 decks in this series - the Bicycle Distilled Copper Edition, the Bicycle Distilled Stainless Edition, and the Bicycle Distilled Top Shelf Edition.


The inaugural deck in this series is the Bicycle Distilled Top Shelf Edition. This breathtaking tuck is printed on a brilliant gold foil stock and finished with a rainbow holographic foil. A multi-level, sculpted emboss and deboss take this tuck to the extreme, creating an impressive visual and tactile experience. With an initial run of only 1000 decks, this is a stunning deck that will be a great addition to any collection.



The cards will be printed on high-quality Bicycle classic grade card stock by the United States Playing Card Company with their renowned Air-Cushion finish. This guarantees the outstanding handling and performance that only Bicycle cards can deliver. Each deck will have 56 playing cards enclosed in a custom tuck box.


The care and craftsmanship that goes into this tuck box cannot be overstated. Each tuck case will be created using multiple layers of foil stamping, printing and multi-level sculpted embossing & debossing to give this tuck a magnificent look and feel.


Card Features:

  • High quality Bicycle Playing Cards Printed by the United States Playing Card Company with Air-Cushion finish
  • 52 Poker Size Playing Cards
  • Custom illustrated court cards created by local artist Mike Re
  • 1 Double back card
  • 2 custom illustrated Jokers created by local artist Mike Re
  • 1 Ad card


Tuck Case Features:

  • Printed with engaging graphics on a custom gold foil stock
  • Foil stamped with a rainbow holographic foil on the outside of the tuck case
  • Printed graphics on the inside of the tuck case
  • Embossed & debossed using multi-level sculpted tooling for an unbelievable three-dimensional look and feel

Distilled TOP SHELF Bicycle Playing Cards Kickstarter Deck

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