Generation One Playing Cards : First Edition

***Kickstarter Deck***

***Limited Edition***


We are super excited to present to you, Generation One Playing Cards - First Edition. Generation One was born out of a desire to mix Luke Wadley's technical, unique graphic design language with Kier Gomes' retro 1980's brand aesthetic to create a unique deck of cards that is sure to add some neon flare to your card flourishes, as well as a standard foundation to lend itself to magicians who want to spice up their gig bag, but not in the traditional 80s vibe we see. 


The tuck box is representative of the back design as the magenta and neon teal streaks continue from the front and wrap all throughout the sides and back of the deck. We wanted the colors and design of the box to stand out on its own as a strong presence in your deck collection. The back of the box features Luke's signature bold ad copy and the inside flaps have a secret hidden in the design.


Generation One Playing Cards - First Edition Features:

  •  Printed by USPCC, one-time print run, 2500 decks 
  • 2-way back, fully custom deck and tuck printed using neon Pantone inks
  •  56 cards, premium bee card stock, crushed, traditionally cut with air cushion finish 
  • 2x joker, 1x gaff & 1x ad card included



Generation One: First Edition Playing Card Kickstarter Deck