Immortals - Puzzle Quest Playing Card Kickstarter 3 Deck Set

***Kickstarter Deck***

***Limited Edition of only 500 each***


    Hello Mortals! Love Puzzles and Playing Cards? We got you both!


    The Immortal is a premium mind-twisting puzzle playing cards containing THREE  limited edition Decks.  We've designed this project to take you on a journey in the world of Greek mythology where you will play a quest as a Demi-God. 


    The level of intricacy in the puzzle requires both visual, interaction, and intelligence thinking outside of the box, where one has to complete the quests in order to solve the mystery. The best Demi-Gods gets a special reward, so saddle up!


    In each of the series is crafted a special sequel that interconnects across all decks in an ultimate story-line. Four unique cards containing quotes, symbols, patterns, and online clues will be given to guide you through the quest.


    Immortal's quest integrates both offline contents and online features in the puzzle, bringing the whole game to life. From decoding abstract symbols hidden in the decks to using Google Map location to reveal hidden coordinates.


    Solving all three sequels from each deck series will unlock an incredible, limited edition, a final puzzle where a special delivery containing a Key &Mystery Box will be shipped to you. Using all the experiences and tips from the previous puzzle and you will reveal special artifacts hidden within the box.



    All Immortal series are limited edition with only 500 made, Once Sold, It's Gone! 

    •  100% Illustrated Courts, Aces and Jokers
    • Gold, Silver, Copper Metallic Film
    • Waterproof and Limited Edition Only 500 Made 
    • Very Intricate & Detailed designs
    •  Unique Interior Box Design
    • Casino-Quality Black-core Card Material
    • Metallic Gilded Edges
    •  Metallic Inked Card Back
    • Packaged with Matt Lamination Finishes 


    The Tuck Boxes of Immortal radiates exclusivity. Manufactured with hot-stamped gold, silver, and copper foil with artwork on all sides that wrap around the matt tuck box.


    All Immortals will be given a special seal from 1 to 500.  The numbered seals are positioned at the tuck bottoms, to prevent tearing of the seals. This numbering requires a special manufacturing process, especially with such an exclusive print run. Numbering will be randomizedto be fair!

    Immortals - Puzzle Quest Playing Card Kickstarter 3 Deck Set

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