MAJESTIC IMPERIAL Playing Card Kickstarter Deck

***Kickstarter Deck***

***Limited Edition***



Inspired by the lavish artwork of antique royalty, MAJESTIC IMPERIAL luxury playing cards brings you a beautiful limited edition deck for collectors, card players, and magicians. 


The MAJESTIC IMPERIAL luxury playing card deck combines the elegance of medieval royalty with stunning character design to create a true artistic masterpiece. Each individual card of this limited edition deck was created entirely from scratch, starting with simple sketches and ending with an extraordinary finished product. Every pip, number, and letter are custom. Each face card is a masterpiece by itself. Their facial expressions, clothing, and backdrops were completed with remarkable detail and inspired by historical characters.


Majestic Imperial Features:

  • Printed in the US by The United States Playing Card Company
  • Limited to 2000 decks
  • 100% custom designed cards, including character art, pips, backs, etc.
  • Packaged in a fully custom tuck case with gold foil stamping and embossing 
  • 56 poker size playing cards including a full 52 card deck, plus 2 Jokers, the MMPC card, and most importantly the "Special Thanks" Backer Card featuring the names or brands of our best Kickstarter supporters
  • Premium card stock
  • Air-cushion finish
  • Traditional Cut

MAJESTIC IMPERIAL Playing Card Kickstarter Deck