The Great Wylenti Edition of Tale of the Tempest Playing Card Kickstarter Deck

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The Great Wylenti Edition of Tale of the Tempest - The Gentleman Wake and Art by Lotrek

A gorgeously designed deck of cards evoking classic style and utility designed for Players, Collectors, Card Enthusiasts and Practitioners of the Magic Arts. The Tale of the Tempest Playing Cards immortalizes the legend of, magician and illusionist, The Great Wylenti and his ill-begotten quest to uncover mysteries worthy of his name, the torrential tempest that be felled his expedition and his relentless journey to be reunited with the beautiful Lady Eliza.


The deck, as legend has it, was commissioned by The Great Wylenti. Intended for use in his awe-inspiring performances he demanded the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship. Rife with allusions to the storm referenced in its name, The Tale of the Tempest feature waves of intricate filigree and Victorian inspired design along with the elegant TGW monogram.  



With an unyielding devotion to excellence and quality, The Gentleman Wake has dedicated the last couple of years  to the creation and execution of the highest quality content aimed at the playing cards enthusiast on Youtube with The Gentleman Wake youtube channel. Last year The Gentleman Wake finally introduced the first TGW branded deck of playing cards to resounding success with The Parlour Playing Cards. 


Artist and Designer Lotrek has produced dozens of innovative, gorgeous, and complex decks of playing cards over a long career as a creator. With several deck successes under his belt, Lotrek brings his expertise to bare on The Tale of the Tempest. 

The Great Wylenti Tale of the Tempest Playing Card Kickstarter Deck