The Royal Pizza Palace Playing Card Kickstarter 2 Deck Set

*** Kickstarter Deck ***

*** Limited Edition ***


    All pizza lovers, unite! We have a new deck for you! Enter the world of an authentic Italian pizza kitchen. A fragrant place where the dough is worshipped, tomatoes are celebrated, cheese is revered, and basilic is sprinkled liberally. This colourful deck is perfect for anyone who loves pizza (and who doesn't?) or simply wants to own a simple, yet colourful deck that brings a smile on their face. Whichever group you belong to, without further ado, let's bite into the Royal Pizza Palace!


    We have two Classic editions, Classic Cheese - in yellow, and Classic Veggie - in green. Each edition is limited to 1500 Decks with numbered seal. The two boxes are embossed with artworks that are designed similarly, with a wooden plank on top. The plank is decorated almost ceremonially and has two rolling pins guarding its sides. 



    • Flavoured Classic Editions - Classic Cheese & Classic Veggie
    • Flavoured Gilded Editions - Gilded Cheese & Gilded Veggie
    • Embossed Premium Matte Finish Tuck Case with Punched Holes on the Side 
    • Tuck Case with Custom Artwork on Both Sides
    • Gilded Editions Limited to 500 Decks Each with Foil Numbered Seal 
    • Classic Edition Limited to 1500 Decks Each with Numbered Seal  
    • Fully Customized numbers, court cards, aces and jokers.
    • Each set served in a Royal Pizza Box
    • Print by Taiwan Playing Card Co with their newest luxury stock.
    • 2021 Release



    The Royal Pizza Palace Playing Card Kickstarter 2 Deck Set

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